What’s staying the same?


Your mediaPanel devices will continue to operate as they always have, allowing configuration from the mediaPanel dashboard. You’ll still be able to purchase the “Do It Yourself” mediaPanel option, and will be able to set up mediaPanels as you have before. Everything will continue working as expected.

We will be maintaining and expanding the mediaPanel dashboard and the mediaPanel devices, but we’re now managing sales through Educate the Wait. To purchase a mediaPanel device and have the same experience you’ve always had, choose the “You Do It” option for Educate the Wait.


What’s changing?


Your mediaPanel devices will continue to operate as-is and you’ll be able to access the mediaPanel dashboard like normal, but we’re teaming up with Educate the Wait to provide a platform to make it even simpler to have indoor digital signage. Using Educate the Wait’s new premade content system, you can have engaging educational content displayed on your devices, as well as any custom additions you’d like to include!

We’ll be supporting the ability for users to manage their own mediaPanels the same way you do now, while continuing to add on functionality and features to the mediaPanel dashboard and to the mediaPanel devices.

We have plans to recreate our dashboard using new, modern technologies to make it easier for clients to integrate custom software with our APIs. This means that, while we hope to maintain the integrity of the layout of the dashboard, our new dashboard will have some small differences compared to the old one. We hope to make this transition as easy as possible (including offering access to a beta version of the new dashboard before launch) for the benefit of our current users and to ensure that our mediaPanel product stays as simple as ever.


What new features do mediaPanel devices get?


Over time, we’d like to integrate the following:

  • Better support for “Social Media”, integration with networks such as Facebook and Instagram

  • Support for YouTube playlists and subscriptions, to automatically add content as it’s created

  • Support for more calendar solutions, such Apple’s iCalendar, Google’s Calendar, and NextCloud via CalDAV integrations

  • Support for more storage solutions, such as iCloud, Dropbox, and NextCloud via WebDAV

  • Support for changing all the content on your device via the new mediaPanel Dashboard API

If you’d like to see something come to mediaPanel one day, reach out to us at support@getmediapanel.com. We look forward to working with you to create the best digital signage solution.


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